Bendigo Horse-Drawn Carriage Tours

We see Cobb & Co. Carriages promoting a tourist attraction in City of Greater Bendigo and educating overseas tourist, interstate visitors and children how this country was built by horse power. We see this as an important part of our Australia’s history and should not be forgotten. Also by doing this we get to sponsor and support the local community.

We offer a wide range of tours in the City of Greater Bendigo, starting with inner city tours, and iconic landmarks within the CBD. 
  • Sacred Heart Cathedral
  • Alexandra Fountain
  • Central Deborah Gold Mine
  • Soldiers Memorial Museum
  • Lansell’s Monument
  • The Old Bendigo Post Office and Law Courts
  • Conservatory - Rosalinda Park
  • Golden Dragon Museum
  • Specimen Cottage
  • Bendigo Town Hall
  • Shamrock Hotel

All Cobb and Co Carriage drivers are well educated and versed with interesting facts and details of these sights to ensure patrons are pleasantly informed of Bendigo’s rich history and spectacles.  

Our tours range from:
  • 15 minute tour;
  • 30 minute tour;
  • 1 hour tour; and
  • Fully customised tours - we are very flexible in our services (examples - a garden lunch tour; before and after dinner collection with return; or for particular shows, concerts or events). 

You can contact us on 0438 007 144 to organise your tour.

We are committed to caring for our horses and have strict procedures for ensuring all our horses are fit, healthy, happy and up to the task.

Given this been our way of life not just a business for us, our horses are our main priority, this means sometimes we cannot set dates and times in advance for when we are operating as it depends on the weather. We don’t operate in extreme conditions, in the summer times we tend to operate in the afternoon evening to avoid the hotter conditions. Bookings will also be available through the Bendigo Information Centre online and dates and times will be updated regularly to accommodate with the weather conditions.

We are a proud essential member of the Bendigo Tourism Inc association.